Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day One

Wow. Day one of Project Milton House in the books. I can't get over the fact that we actually own a new house and have sold our house. And that we have to move in to the oh so not renovated Milton House in TWO WEEKS! But, we love a challenge, so we are putting everything that we have into it.
I won't bore you with the full details of what we did today, but I will highlight a few. The popcorn/water damaged ceilings came down from the third floor, and we were not so surprised to find an actual hole in the 97 year old slate roof. Shocking. I guess that's where the water damage originated. The plan there is to fix the roof and then do a layer of spray foam insulation and then finish it off with sheetrock. It should look great when it's done, and hopefully we can at least slightly reduce what are sure to be astronomical utility bills.
My personal favorite moment came when we were standing in the basement with the plumber and Russell saw a cat coming down the outside stairs, headed for the cat door that had just been closed off (the previous owner was an avid cat lover). I gave the door a tap with my foot and the "cat" turned out to be an opposum! Apparently the basement was home to cats and opposums! Russell was at the house most of the day and saw the mom and baby opposums hanging out. Not the ideal pet scenario, to say the least. The real highlight of the day though was stopping by after work and seeing the green, flowered wall paper all primed and ready to be skim coated. It was my first glimpse of what the house is going to look like with white walls, and it was EXCITING!
Another exciting little nugget is the fact that the Chattanooga Times Free Press is going to be following us during this renovation and will do a story when we have finished the project (news flash, that might be never). Karen Nazor Hill, the reporter doing the story, asked me if it felt real, and I have to say that at this point it only feels surreal. This is the 7th house that Russell and I have renovated and while that previous experience prepared us for this task, I think that it has also made me have the approach of one foot in front of the other - get the task at hand done. Right now, the house is a list of projects, paint colors and need to do. I wonder if in two weeks it will feel like home? We'll probably still have a hundred things left to do, but I am confident that this will be home for a long, long time.
Before, during and after pics to come....


  1. Look guys, new font color, per request!

  2. Congrats Golden's; very excited for you & can't wait to come check this place out!!!