Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another day, another dollar...

What a week it's been! I can't say that The Milton House feels like home yet, but I definitely realize that we own it! To start, despite the capture of mama opossum and her six babies, we had been suspicious that there was another, larger one lurking. Russell was convinced that the one that we caught was not as big as the one that he had seen, and since he *never exaggerates* I agreed that it was a good idea to set up the trap again. And low and behold, Saturday morning we discovered that indeed, dad was missing his family! And this means Russell was right... Sigh. Please tell me this is the last of them. I don't think I can handle the removal of more than 8 opossums - especially considering the fact that I ended up driving this one up Raccoon Mountain with the kids. In my car. By myself. Gross. One can only hope that he was able to find the rest of his family and is able to at least educate those baby opossums on how to cross the road. I mean, who would teach them how if not their own dad?
With the opossums behind us (we think?), the next major to do was the discovery that the exposed pipe in the foyer that was damaged had to be excavated until there was no more evidence of damage. Which meant that the wall next to the front door was removed, and then the ceiling, and then the floor in Hadley's room (crap! tough to patch original hardwoods!), and then, finally, the entire floor in Anderson's bathroom was ripped out. Good news - if you remove the entire pipe, there's nothing old left so you've definitely fixed the problem. Bad news - there goes the hardwood floor refinishing budget!!! Wah!!! On the bright side though, I am now getting to redo Anderson's bathroom, which had been on the "wait until later" list. I mean, what 2.5 year old doesn't need a brand new, carrara marble floored bath?
In all honesty though, I am nothing but pleased with the progress of the house (am I brain damaged from the flea bombs I set off in the basement last night?). Seriously though, a big shout out to Daniel Scearce, our amazing contractor, who not only gets to deal with the Milton House and all of her joys, but with me as well! He is doing amazing work and I am sure will have the house ready for us to move into on Friday. #inoveryourhead.
There is one little beacon of light that I have clung to over these past 48 hours or so however. The dining room is finished except for a new chandelier (taking donations at this point), and it look freaking amazing! I'm talking bring a tear to your eye, art gallery amazing. Breath taking, heart stopping amazing. Maybe that's why I keep finding myself in there, staring like a fool.

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