Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another 4th at the Lake

Well, after missing the 4th at the Lake last year due to the arrival of the boy, we are back. And when I say we are back I mean back in business! BB wayyyy outdid him self this year with the fireworks. I think that after having a year off, he was in withdrawl and just went over the top. The show lasted 20 minutes and was the best that he'd ever put together. Lake Hiwassee was rocking after that one!

We've been here since Wednesday, am I am definitely getting my fill of the lake...we are usually up here doing projects, but this time it's just sun and fun! We started the week off with the Sting concert at Chastain, so that sort of set the tone for me. I've even gotten a ray or two of sun while we've been here (have I made mention of my new beloved SPANX bathing suits? Thank God for spandex...). Really though, the best part about this whole week is it my countdown to ITALY!!! That's right, the hubby aranged for me to cross the pond and tour Italia with Sharon. Ahhhhhh, my next post will be in Italian. No, not really, but I'm sure I'll have stuff to share!!!

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